Robyn Sklar
Business ESL Coach and Trainer; Presentation Coach,Cross Cultural Consultant

Native language: American English
Other Languages: Some French and Spanish, not fluent
Currently living in: United States
Skype name: robyn.sklar22

  Let me tell you about myself.

Ms. Sklar provided comprehensive management development counsel and training through one-on-one sessions and group training. While in corporate, she continued her education at the graduate level in management development courses, presentation skill development and human resources management courses on employee relations, administration, and organizational development with Cornell University and Harvard Sloane School of Management's certification courses. Her B.A. degree was in English. Ms. Sklar further developed her communication style and presentation skills while participating in Toastmasters International, a nationally recognized forum for developing public speaking and leadership skills. She was responsible for the creation of and training for all levels of management skill development programs maximizing her credentials as a certified trainer, which she obtained from the Ken Blanchard intensive certification courses she attended and received certification for completion of Train the Trainer and Situational Management Leadership programs.

Throughout Ms. Sklar's career and currently she is acknowledged as an effective speaker and presenter. She is translating those skills to her Business Communications and Presentations discipline for business professionals of all levels, including front-line managers. Her ability to help the student (business professional) "find h/her voice" as a presenter is her hallmark capability while assisting the professional to evolve industry knowledge and technical know-how into a compelling presentation. She works with the professional to carefully craft a message, keeping sight of the business objectives, knowing the audience and their expectations, managing body language during delivery, and delivering a compelling and memorable presentation.

The student, while learning business related skills will also be able to refine traditional basic skills to improve grammar usage, pronunciation, intonation and stress, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure and other fundamentals pertaining to excellent communication and articulation. Ms. Sklar's undergraduate work as a theater minor comes into play for voice projection, body language, and delivering unfaltering presentations.

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Part-time, Contract
  • Location: USA; Turkey, Japan, Korea, China, Italy, France, Spain, Dubai, South America
  • ESL Job Interests: Adults;Business ESL is my specialty- one-on-one or small group, depending on the needs and level.
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